Otis Crockron & Co. take pride in offering the best audience interactive musical performances regardless of the setting. We are dedicated to serving the needs of our customers at each performance. Otis Crockron & Co. has produced powerful soul-moving music in the Southeastern Ohio region for 18+ years.

Allan Kisner, Jr. has been passionately playing drums for nearly 23 years. Splitting his time between playing in church (where he met Otis), working on projects with other musicians, and accompanying various groups, Allan has earned the nickname "Animal" for the pure zeal with which he plays. He has played with Otis since 2008 and is excited about what the future holds for Otis Crockron & Co.

Otis Crockron is a skillful musician, songwriter, and performer who has been a band director for more than 30 years. Otis' voice and piano playing has capture the hearts of audiences across the United States and abroad. Otis has performed for pageants, conferences, jazz festivals, political functions, religious activities, nightclub, weddings and the list goes on. Otis has composed songs for various projects including "Jackie O" by Mel Helitzer and has shared the stage with artist such as Richard Smallwood and Bobby Floyd.

Sam Hudnell is a versatile and talented musician with a great ear. With over 26 years of experience playing the bass guitar. Sam has developed his musical skills in various musical genres including: smooth jazz, rock, R&B, country, bluegrass and contemporary Christian worship. Sam is also blessed with perfect pitch, which has afforded him great opportunities as a studio musician. Otis and Sam have shared the stage for more than 27 years.

Adam Graham has lived in the Athens area for about nine years and is originally from Chicagoland. His mother's brothers are musicians and got him started when he was young. These uncles have nearly polar interest in music, with on being a dedicated jazz man and one a rock and roll guy. Adam's musical tastes reflect this. He can be seen around the area playing mandolin and guitar in The Band Keesey and with his wife, Dawn playing cover songs. He teaches guitar and mandolin at Blue Eagle Music in Athens and at Hocking College. He holds degrees in Music Business from Valparaiso University and Audio Production from Ohio University and is active in the guitar repair community.